Blank usernames / mismatches in high scores and forum. (ATC-SIM)

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Hi all --

I noticed a problem in the My Account page due to some unfinished changes from a few months ago. I fixed that, and updated the rest of the site to match, but that had the unfortunate side effect of making things weird for anyone that currently had a browser open.

Mostly, this resulted in some blank usernames in the high scores, and blank usernames in forum posts.

I was able to fix most of that, for example by matching IP addresses in the logs with former high scores, but there are still a few weird ones popping up here and there.

The easy answer is to log out and log back in.

But, if you have a blank high score, or your name isn't on your forum post, let me know here and I can fix it.


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Looks like you're having the problem! Could you tell me what your username should be?