I love grass, love grass, (General)

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I love grass, love grass, ordinary green. Whenever the spring girl��s footsteps set foot on the earth, the grass is like a green elf who can��t wait to see each other. From the arms of Mother Earth, she rushes out of her head and curiously looks at this beautiful world. They struggle to stretch. The tender, green-green arm, with a small, soft body, quietly and quietly stained the entire earth. The grass has no flowers, no big trees, ove grass, love it's tenacity and perseverance. Spring has quietly gone summer. In the early morning, the grass was bent by a crystal of dewdrops. After the dewdrops fell, the grass quickly bounced back, just like playing games with Dew. As the sun rises higher, the summer sun sizzles like a fire. The flowers hang down the delicate and proud head, but the grass does not back down against the sun. Suddenly, dark clouds, in the wind, in the rain, the delicate flowers were bent over the waist, but the grass was not afraid at all Marlboro Lights, like a group of brave soldiers Cigarette Online, holding hands Marlboro Gold, heart and heart, tightly Together, it seems to be laughing at the storm: "Don't look at me, don't think that I am jealous, after the wind and rain, I am still the grass." The storm fell back and the grass won! They sang a song cheerfully and danced.e grass and love the vitality of it. Autumn is coming, and the grass is the first to sing a song of good harvest Cigarettes Cheaper. The bleak autumn wind blew, but it could not bend the straight spine of the grass. It danced the slender arm and looked like a golden wave at a distance. Grandpa Winter is here. The heavy snow is pressing the body of the grass, and the grass has already dried up. When people think that the life of the grass is over, the grass is actually returning to the embrace of the mother of the earth, giving birth to a new round of life.love grass, the little grass is not small; the little grass heart is burning Newport Cigarettes, the dream is farther than the sea, higher than the sky. In the storm, the wind straightened up, and the wind did not fall after the rain; the roots in the turmoil, the indomitable in the misery, I love you, grass!

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