Denver International Airport master plan (Airports)

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For those that thought six runways seemed excessive, the plan is for twelve!

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I think it looks really cool, but completely unnecessary. I don't see why any major international airport would pursue more than 6 parallels, as I don't think you could attempt more than three simultaneous arrivals and departures. And besides, this is Denver. I don't think this amount of demand will ever be there, maybe JFK or LAX. Even ATL (the busiest in the world) only has 5 parallels. Pretty cool anyway.

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I think sometimes these master plans aren't necessarily actively pursued, but more along the lines of "Here's how we would do it if we needed to do it."

Could be PTSD from the old Stapleton and the bad weather delays.

I wonder if, during a snowstorm, some runways could be plowed while others are active, and then they alternate?