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Hi there --

I've wanted to modernize ATC-SIM for several years now. I've made some progress; there are landscape overlays for the majority of the airports, and the interface is cleaner. But the sim itself needs a lot of work.

The most popular request is the ability to "chain" commands, followed closely by improved arrival flows, changing departure runways, simultaneous departures, extended centerlines ... and then much more.

I first undertook this modernization effort in early 2013 but was overwhelmed by life and couldn't finish. But I now have a much calmer day job, and have further been working with other programmers who have provided me with numerous ideas.

Working demos have been created.

With your blessing, I'd like another chance to make ATC-SIM 2.0 happen.

Back when I was first building ATC-SIM, I was single and often spent 3 - 5 hours a night putting it all together. Now, I need to spend at least a month working on the sim during the early morning hours, setting aside all other moonlighting, and I need to pay my contributors for their time.

There could be a number of improvements by the end of the year.

If you've been a long-time member, enjoy ATC-SIM, and would like to see it taken to the next level, could you please consider making one more voluntary donation?

** If you've already contributed or are a recent sign-up, you don't need to pay twice. **

With the exception of some phone games that you can get for a dollar, ATC-SIM must be one of the most inexpensive games around. For only $20 (and sometimes less), you got a lifetime membership. Contrast this with just about any game for Nintendo DS, or PlayStation, or XBox. Pokemon fans, for example, are accustomed to paying $30 per game, without any updates, sometimes multiple times per year. On the PC, just about anything else costs $30 - $40 and sometimes more.

Here, you get all the updates, for free, forever.

As Wikipedia says, if everyone reading this donated just $5 to make ATC-SIM 2.0 happen, I could get to business.

In reality that won't happen, but I'll accept anything you feel appropriate to give: $1, $5, $10, $20.

** If you've already contributed or are a recent sign-up, you don't need to pay twice. **

Let's look at what we can do:
It won't all be finished immediately, but a lot can be done. My programmers are ready.

Some background on the sim:

Back about twenty years ago, there was an ATC game for DOS by Eddy Van de Winckel that I liked, but it only had one airport, and it was fake. I really wanted to play this with Chicago O'Hare. It became a passion -- I wanted this so badly I had dreams about it. If only ATC-GAME had allowed KORD, then the web-based ATC-SIM never would have happened.

Van de Winckel kindly gave me some of his formulas, such as how to convert compass directions into X/Y movement on a computer screen. Otherwise, I did all the coding myself.

My original plan was to build it for Linux SVGAlib (console graphics), but in the process of doing that I realized that maybe only ten people in the world had an interest in both aviation and Linux consoles. Why bother creating an application that no one would use? About this time, I began to realize the possibilities of manipulating the DOM (moving things around on a web page).

A lot has changed since then. I've learned a lot, too.

You're reading this because once upon a time you were kind enough to make a donation to ATC-SIM.

Thanks so much for doing your part in keeping the dream alive.

Feel free to ask questions. You can donate via the PayPal button below.

-- Jay
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