Works in Progress suggestion so we know what's going on. (ATC-SIM)

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Command Chaining -- Semi-final Proposal by jlink to /forum/atc-sim

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Is there any chance you can allow for a rwy to be included in the chain? ORD example: FlightID C POSSM MONKZ JORJO RWY28C 2 S 220?

That would be a simple solution that would still give some STAR functionality, and although I've advocated an Intercept Runway command, that would probably get the job done.

Thanks much, looking forward to the enhancements.

Ohare 22L Heavy jet departures by northland to /forum/general

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It's rare but it does happen, normally on ferry flights only (less gross takeoff weight), most of the time heavies are going off 10L-28R full length.

ATC-SIM enhancements - feedback please! by DerekTP to /forum/atc-sim

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Some feedback from someone who's been playing this game awhile. Great starting points.

Would still love to see a command issued to intercept an extended runway centerline. Something along the lines of '[flightID] I 28C' Not a coder by any imagination, but I would venture to say the starting point would be the current L code, where the plane slows to final approach speed and lines up with the runway. There's a realism factor as well, AC are issued that command all the time. Plus, how awesome does it look when you're landing triples and you've got them queued up like ducks in a row on final?

And yes, chaining commands is essential. The ATC-SIM helper script took Jay's outstanding game and added additional realism to it. Needs to be integrated as well.

Not as much a fan of the red-box as I thought, I prefer the helper-script code where it bolds out, probably closer to a SQUAWK-IDENT command as anything.

That's all I've got for now...it's weird though, when it loads up in Firefox, everything is shifted far to the left.


Say goodbye to 14L/32R at O'Hare & 14R/32L changes to 15/33 in the Spring by jlrwi to /forum/airports

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You were pretty quick updating the SIM when 10C-28C opened up, can we expect the same when 10R-28L opens? Only changes I'd like to see: -Removal of 14L-32R
-In an east flow, departures go 10L and 9R only -Maybe clean up some of the less essential fixes (REKKS, ME, RIDGE, CHSTR, MX, HK) and add in the FAF for 9L, 10R, 10C, 28C (all are published)

Thanks as always, still love playing it!