Airport Request by bartleph to /forum/airports

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Hmmm Wellington NZ, St Barts, SXM = 300 bucks anyone want to to split that?

ATC 2.0 by Mac1 to /forum/atc-sim

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I'd actually pay another 20 bucks for it.....but NOT until it's actually out. Been way too long. I've given up on even thinking about it and just trying to enjoy this one. The MAPS were the best improvement and got me playing again after getting bored with the pong like blank screen. Now I'm ready for some weather, terrain, and variable traffic to make it really awesome. Be worth paying for it again after it comes out.

Not enough traffic! by Barnsley to /forum/atc-sim

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Ability to vary traffic density was one of my survey ideas but it never made the cut............

WOW :( Read this by Falle to /forum/atc-sim

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I do believe he is referring to a suggestion made previously when surveys were taking place that by paying a certain amount (much more than 20 bucks) that would guarantee a certain airport would get done.

Traffic seems less by daedalus to /forum/atc-sim

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Having variable traffic was one of my survey suggestions that never made the cut.


Have you removed the overlays??! Suddenly I don't see them. Something wrong with my browser perhaps? (

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