Willing to help on development of ATC-SIM (ATC-SIM)

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Uncontrollable plane after runway change command (L after L). by federbear to /forum/atc-sim

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You don't seem to get what jlink says.

When the plane is NOT accepting ANY commands except S, it means the plane is in landing mode.

Issue command A to return the plane to normal and command it around again.

Command chaining by jlink to /forum/atc-sim

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Hehe, sorry, just to eager for the chained commands..

Any news on progress?

Have you removed the overlays??! Suddenly I don't see them. Something wrong with my browser perhaps? by catiii to /forum/atc-sim

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As far as i know, only the majority of airports have an overlay, not all of them. the airport you were trying to play might be missing one.