Korean Airlines A380 passes In-N-Out Burger as it approaches Los Angeles International Airport (LAX / KLAX) by aviationpics to /forum/photos

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Sorry to say, but that would never be accepted in a photo-database: 1) Backlit 2) Trees in the way. 3) Object too small (=too far away)

Landing Bug in ISTANBUL (LTBA) by umit1 to /forum/atc-sim

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You really play that way? Have you ever heard, that aircraft land and take-off AGAINST the wind? So either 18 is the runway direction or 36, but NEVER both! Try it that way, perhaps it helps...

2.0 by will9372 to /forum/atc-sim

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An update on the current situation would be nice, as I donated. If it IS DEAD, it´s ok. If Jaylink can´t find the time or has lost interest, fair enough. I knowm we have no right on any kind of Information, just plain curious.


Seperation issue (ATC-SIM)

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