La Guardia BBN waypoint not working (General)

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I was just playing LGA this evening when I attempted to direct a JetBlue flight to departure waypoint "BBN". Upon reaching it at 6500 feet, it continued on, as well as after it circled around for another time at 9000 feet. I know that the requirement for waypoint handoff is 3000 feet AGL, so this was clearly sufficient in terms of altitude. Also, this waypoint doesn't seem to have any issues at nearby JFK.

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Alex Thomas 1 point

EDIT: I was, however, able to manually direct the flight to the other waypoint entitled "BBN" SSW of JBU170's location in the screenshot.

AndrewUK 1 point

As well as BBN, the same applies to departures headed for 'PNJ' and 'JFK' (on the La Guardia sim). Directing aircraft to these waypoints leads them to the VOR / beacon (circle), but they will only handoff if they overfly the nearby waypoint (triangle/diamond) of the same name, which means assigning a vector.

Hopefully it can be fixed!