Request: Waypoint Additions and other Improvements to HKG/VHHH (General)

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I just came to know this website a week ago, and may I say what an outstanding work you have done!

That said, I would really appreciate it if you improve the HKG/VHHH map just a little bit to make it closer to reality. I have studied all the up-to-date charts provided by the Hong Kong government, and have the following suggestions:

Some waypoints should be added to conform with the official instrument approach/departure charts.

I know it's also cool to just navigate by course headings, but Hong Kong has such a difficult terrain that all the charts specify exact waypoints to follow.

These are important waypoints for departure. PORSH/ROBBE can be omitted if it gets too cluttered as they are just points on the curve from PORPA/ROVER to RAMEN. Also I'm not sure if SAMON can fit into the map:

PORPA 22 20 09.10N 114 01 16.30E
PORSH 22 17 40.38N 114 05 03.56E
ROVER 22 20 35.58N 114 01 39.12E 
ROBBE 22 17 59.70N 114 05 10.78E
RAMEN 22 09 39.22N 114 05 09.89E
COLEY 22 06 41.03N 114 18 37.63E
ATENA 22 24 39.85N 114 23 11.88E
PRAWN 22 16 05.40N 113 48 40.10E
RUMSY 22 04 56.94N 113 48 16.79E
SAMON 21 54 23.73N 114 12 32.95E

These are important waypoints for arrival:

STELA 22 11 53.29N 113 43 49.11E
TONIC 22 12 47.88N 113 43 21.85E
MIRRS 22 24 17.10N 114 14 09.30E

There are some waypoints outside the map which you can fit in on the sides, and which can serve as handoff points:

TUNNA 21 47 25.00N 113 57 54.00E
SHELY 22 05 26.65N 114 39 13.94E
LAKES 21 58 41.30N 114 54 38.60E
OCEAN 21 48 43.00N 114 48 48.00E
BREAM 21 46 46.00N 114 03 28.00E

Realistic handoff points.

From what's already on the map and the waypoints I suggested above, the realistic handoff points are BEKOL, ATENA, TUNNA, SHELY, LAKES, OCEAN, and BREAM. RUMSY, RAMEN, and TD could also be handoff points for those who took off without a concrete flight plan.

Arrivals from the east/north should come in a lot higher.

Mainland China has a rule requiring all inbound and outbound flights to cross its airspace border above 4,800m (~15,000ft). It means that arrivals from east/north should come in a lot higher. You can see the exact airspace border here under ENR 6.

Minimum handoff altitude for BEKOL should be 15,000ft.

... exactly because of the aforementioned requirement. The same goes for NLG, SZX, SHK, ZAO, LAPTOP, and ZUH, but these are not realistic handoff points.

Ultimately, resize the map.

(Please put this as your least priority.) You can cut the top one-third of the map (which is not Hong Kong airspace anyway) away and give us more of the ocean below! That way we could accommodate more handoff waypoints and have a realistic place to let the planes circle and wait.

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Thanks so much for your thorough and detailed post!! Will see what I can do.