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Changes and Features:

  • Interceptors: Removed interdiction nullification from the following ships:Claw/ Crusader/ Raptor / Taranis

  • Crow: Agility reduced to 3.25 (was 3.7)

  • Damavik: Low slots reduced to 3 (was 4)/ Mid slots increased to 3 (was 2)

  • Events:

Events: challenge rewards can now be claimed directly from the info panel

Events: challenges will now list their objectives rather than their names in the info panel

Events: added a sound effect to challenge reward claiming

  • Graphics:

SKIN technology now has the ability to override the manufacturer logos of T2 hulls.

Additional dungeon assets have been upgraded to the latest shaders.

  • Modules: Added Zero-Point Mass Entangler/ Added Zero-Point Mass Entangler Blueprint

  • Gameplay: Activating a titan doomsday module will now prevent docking and tethering for the same 5 minute duration that currently blocks cloaking and jumping. Titans now no longer deal area of effect damage to nearby ships when they are destroyed. Left over Unsanctioned Labor Camps from the Dawn of Liberation event have been removed from distribution.

  • User Interface: Resolved an issue where certain attributes for Abysal Modules would display with Green Text in the Show Info window despite them having a negative mutated value."

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