Autumn days, blue and blu (General)

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Autumn days, blue and blue, autumn wind, clear and refreshing Marlboro Cigarettes Price, autumn rain, continuous and ups and downs. The autumn leaves turn green from green to red like magic. The autumne autumn sky is cloudless, and you can see the blue and blue. If you are at the beach, you will feel the feeling of water and sky.e autumn wind is clear and refreshing, and it is very comfortable, just like the mother's hand is gently touching me. rain in the autumn is rolling and rolling, adding a ripple to the rainy days How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.tumn is a changing season, you are jealous! Only a few days later, the leaves on the tree turned yellow, and the kite like a broken line floated and fell. Looking at it, the emerald green grass has turned pale yellow, just like losing vitality. There are very few flowers that can be seen.ruit in the garden is ripe Cigarettes Online, hehe! Farmer uncle is busy picking fruit! Look, the grapes are like crystal clear pearls. The big red apple is like a child's face that day. Huang Cancan's persimmon is like a small lantern, bending the branches. Look, the red-green, green-lined dates Newport Cigarettes Website, with the autumn wind blowing in the branches danced happily., the crops in the field, the heavy corn bent over the waist, let the obscured soybeans look at the corn "dressing" excited and even laughed and supported the belly. In the green vegetable field Newport Cigarettes Price, a few crystal clear dewdrops hung on the tender and tender leaves, shining brightly in the morning sun.mn is really enchanting! The fruits of your harvest are even more numerous! I love autumn!

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