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Time is like running water, and in the blink of an eye, I am a second-year student. Looking back, I think I have a lot of enlightenment teachers, but the most memorable one is the language enlightenment teacher - Teacher Luo.cher, you are an engineer of the human soul Cigarettes For Sale. You not only teach us the knowledge but also teach us how to cultivate the character; teacher, you are a hard gardener. You work hard to cultivate the future of the motherland by the three-footed podium in front of a blackboard, and use the rain of knowledge to water each flower bud that contains cockroaches. Teacher, you are still a kind mother. You care for every student with motherly love.teacher is not only the enlightener of our knowledge, but also the guide of our thoughts and the beneficial friends in life. Teacher Luo teaches the language lessons of our class. In every class, he always carefully guides us to carefully understand and think about the text, let us cross the ideal horse, swim in the ocean of knowledge, let us actively answer questions. Mr. Luo took the lead in applauding and congratulating him on his speech. Teacher Luo��s lectures are rich and varied Online Cigarettes, and the students are listening attentively every time, like dozens of flowers quietly enjoying the watering of the hard gardener.er Luo is also very concerned about our physical and mental health, just like a kind mother is taking care of her baby, and like a gardener is cultivating the flowers of the motherland. I still remember that one time Newport Cigarettes Website, in the 50-meter sprint of the annual sports meeting Marlboro Cigarettes Price, one of my classmates rushed to run because of the eagerness to get good results Cigarette Online. As a result, I came to the ground for a close "kissing", the knee was broken, rubbed Broken skin, blood DC. The classmate immediately burst into tears. Teacher Luo heard the news and saw the injured classmate. He said with a strong heart: "This classmate, you shouldn't be so pessimistic. You can't really do anything about this little injury. You should be strong and think about it, the Communist Party. For the happy life of the people, in the face of the danger of death, there is no fear." Every teacher of Luo has moved the heart of the classmates present. It is like a thunder, it can awaken people; it is like a cardiotonic agent, can make people excited; it is like a fire, can warm the heart! I am about to leave my alma mater, I will leave the dear teacher Luo. But I will never forget the basic knowledge that Teacher Luo taught me. I will never forget the teachings that Teacher Luo gave me. Her voice and smile are still deeply imprinted on my mind.

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