Violation Bug - So ANNOYING (ATC-SIM)

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Getting towards 100 landings and 100 takeoffs at KMIA.. and then an unavoidable violation situation. The simulation brings two aircraft into the screen at the same altitude, in the same location, and in the same direction. No matter how quickly you descend one aircraft and climb another, you get the violation. Is is possible to fix this incredibly frustrating bug?

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rfgraham1 0 points

My solution is always to put an incoming aircraft immediately into a holding pattern upon arrival then the second one will not cause a violation.

jacklennon123 0 points

How do you do that? The instructions don't say anything about holding.. unless I've gone completely insane and missed that part..

federbear 0 points

Use the H command. It has a bug as well. Holding aircraft does not cause violation.

donmclaren48 0 points

The "H:" Command does not appear to work. I use it by itself ("H")and with a heading command like "H C 240" at which time the "C 240" sent the flight on a heading of 240 but noting to indicate in in a "Holding pattern".