Traffic level in score formula (ATC-SIM)

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Hi, I would like to ask which values may acquire "trafic level" in score evaluating formula:

(traffic_level + landings + handoffs - (improper_exits 100) - (missed_approaches 10) - (violations * 10)) DESC

Thanks, Lumptom

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jlink 0 points

It's just the number of flights per day at that particular airport.

lumptom 1 point

OK, thanks, but my question was directed more to exact values for particular airports, or maybe some examples, to have an idea what numbers this could be ... e.g. DalLas Ft. Worth Intl - 1200 Los Angeles Intl - 3700 etc. ... or something like "number can be between 50 on the smallest airports to 3800 on the largest"


Cirel124 0 points

I too would be interested in finding out traffic_level value for different airports