Scores Not Posting (ATC-SIM)

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I had some good scores both on Madrid and LAX and a couple of other that I didn't make notes on. Several occurrences of not posting. donmclaren48

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Me too! Just spent ages racking up a score that should have put me second on EHAM and top 10 or so overall, but after quitting the simulation it landed me back on the 'login' page and my score was lost. I know I was logged in when I started because EHAM is not available to guests.

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Have you checked the top scores? The highest score is 114 / 115 from November....

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Same thing happened to me. Score not posting.

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Same here

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Same here, regarding EDDF. See also my post from november 6th (!). For sure, I accept technical probems which may occur, but - finnally - I expect a solution on a non-free-program.


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Same here

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I think I found the problem and fixed it. I'm very sorry for the trouble with the scoring.

-- Jay

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