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Hi all --

Someone wants to sponsor Budapest (BUD / LHBP), and I was wondering if any of yo could give me some insight into operations? For example, it looks like one runway may only be used for arrivals to the east and departures to the west.


-- Jay

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Operations looks like: Landings: 13L if the 13R is closed because the gliding path is over buildings, otherwise just for departing planes. 13R for all kind of landing traffic.

31R all kind of arriving passenger planes + arriving heavy cargos (757, 767, 747, A300...) 31L All private landings, smaller cargos (737 TNT) and turboprop, etc.

Departs: 13L for all passanger flights. Evening cargo flights despite of the long taxiway because of the noise rules. 13R for smaller planes. Private or smaller cargo (smaller than 737) or military planes.

31R if the 31L is closed otherwise it is just for landings. 31L All kind of departures.


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