Hardest Airport (ATC-SIM)

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Can anyone tell me which is the hardest airport. Chicago ORD looked hard but its gone easy.

It would be wonderful to 3 airports simultaneously like NYC, EWE, LGA and JFK....

Also, it would be helpful if we could colour code arrivals and departures.

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JME7140 0 points

Chicago O'Hare is not too bad given that it is the busiest airport in the world since 2013 I think. The hardest airport from what I have noticed while playing is JFK. There is always an arrival for each one you land and another departure for every takeoff and vice versa.

coconut joe 0 points

The busiest airport in the world is ATL.

shads 0 points

Thank you JME..... I will try JFK.

Since I manage to line up aircrafts way before they land it has made the game so easy...... There's always a hack in games.

may be, to make it more challenging, different way points have different flight level hand over, etc....

Fantastic game

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Try New York La Guardia. Seems difficult but maybe it's because of the odd headings and the fact that it get busy at times.