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I have not been directing traffic for awhile. I got back in the seat recently and discovered that when I send an arriving aircraft to a waypoint they no longer circle that waypoint.

It used to be that the aircraft would continue to circle the waypoint until further instructions were given. Now the aircraft continues right through the waypoint in the direction it was heading when it came to said waypoint.

Has this changed? What is the reasoning?

I liked it the way it ways.

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Hold is a new command; I guess I never documented it.

FlightID H ABC123

Let me know if you have any trouble!

(If you use "H" on the ground, it will still interpret this as "line up and wait.)

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I found this under Site News:

February 2, 2016 •Bug fixed where aircraft would circle waypoints and navaids after passing them.

That was a bug? Can you bring it back in the form of a command, e.g. C OBK H? The command is clear to VOR OBK and hold. The aircraft will then go to OBK and circle.

I do not get why this was a bug? Anyone else like the aircraft to circle the waypoint?

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Just to add, I went to private pilot school and the control tower can ask you to go to a waypoint and circle or hold there.

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Awesome. I will give it a try. That's exactly what is needed.

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Thank you for your update, as for next idea, is it possibile for aircrafts holding a waypoint all with the same sense (clockwise or anti-clockwise according to holding point published parameter) ?