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I have been using the ATC-SIM in guest mode for some time now but one of the things that really steams me is, when sending a flight to it's exit point, another plane will pop on the screen inbound within the 3 miles and at the same altitude and RED ensues! Is this done on purpose or is it a glitch/happenstance?

Another pet peeve, when landing planes, all of a sudden the next departure is using your runway! Why can't I assign the runway to take off from as well? Can I fire the ground controller? :)

Love the game otherwise and I find i spend probably way too many hours playing! :)

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Hi, I'm new as well but im good at planes. mostly the airports use 1 for take off and one for landing Or using more for pivate planes and cargo planes so that's why. I play in London cause I know this place. 2 If u want the plane to go the place (the place withen but it is by degrees) u need to - Flight ID + C + ____ (the place name). If u want the plane to take off and there is another plane on the runway u need to give him to cross V1 then u will be able to C + T. KEEP the planes alway (the planes for landing) under 3000 or 3000 feet