Not enough traffic! (ATC-SIM)

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Some of the busier international airports don't get enough traffic. Heathrow and LAX for example... both should be at least 3x busier if not 10x busier than they are currently simulated! Maybe an option built in to increase traffic volumes in an updated version?

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jlrwi 1 point

I could see at least a couple ways that this might be modeled.

  1. Have a command that would increase or decrease the traffic rate.
  2. Take a snapshot of actual traffic over a 24-hour period and provide a command that allows you to pick what time of day you want to play. At most airports, late afternoon would be the busiest. This option would provide more ebb and flow in the traffic rate.

catiii 1 point

Ability to vary traffic density was one of my survey ideas but it never made the cut............

av8nut 0 points

I agree.