Traffic seems less (ATC-SIM)

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Hi, i was wondering if anyone could confirm that on for instance ATL the amount of traffic has been reduced?

What is currently the busiest airport on this sim? I like a challenge!

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av8nut 1 point

I think ATL is the busiest on the sim, from what I can tell. I can't tell if it's been reduced. I know what you mean about wanting a "challenge". When I get in a rut, doing the same thing over and over, I will try some of the harder airports like JFK, SFO , EGLL & BOS, on 'arrivals only' and do landings on a single runway. I tried doing ATL on arrivals only and just couldn't do it - now that's a challenge! It would be nice to have the traffic intensity on any given airport to be more variable than just 'easy' & 'hard'.

catiii 1 point

Having variable traffic was one of my survey suggestions that never made the cut.