Two Aircraft arriving at the same altitude (ATC-SIM)

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What chance have you got when two aircraft arrive within seconds of each other from the same direction and at the same altitude, an immediate violation which you can do nothing about? Can the owner please deal with this problem? Rob

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Happens at the busier airports currently experiencing a big problem with this at London Heathrow. Rob

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Possible temporary solution which seems to work? Each time an aircraft enters the terminal area vector it to hold at the nearest waypoint, once it is 1 mile inside you may then re-assign it to different vector. If a second one comes in directly behind at the same altitude you can safely descend the first one by 1000 ft without violation. Has worked fir me every time so far. Rob

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That's a problem that's high on the list of requested fixes. At what airport did you see this happen?

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KLAX is a good example but I've found the same at other airports too.