Failed handoff behavior changed? (ATC-SIM)

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At ATL when clearing departures to a fix like PANOL or BOJAA, both very close to the airport when departing east, most aircrafts typically don't reach an enough altitude quick enough to allow handoff. Previously the aircraft just circled around while climbing and on the next pass it was handed off just fine. Just now I noticed that this situation suddenly ends up in the aircraft losing the fix and just keeps going straight, and I need to clear again so it doesn't fly off the screen. Did this change recently?

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av8nut 1 point

I did ATL the other day and noticed that too. The only thing I can think you could do, is when you have a departure going to a fix too close is:

  1. Clear it a second time, which is irritating.
  2. Clear it with a left/right turn command, which ever is longer, to give it more distance to reach the fix.
  3. Clear it to hold at the fix. Ex.: "DAL40 H BOJAA", then it will circle instead of going past it.

BLUNOSE 0 points

It changed when the old hold hack was removed.

gsaf 0 points

Understood, that explains what's happening. And thanks for the suggestions, avoiding extra clearings can make a difference at busy ATL...Thanks.