Update on chain command? (ATC-SIM)

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Just wanted to see if there was any progress you might want to share with us on 2.0, including the recently-discussed chain command. Also, I left a comment on the other chain command post about how to integrate directional commands within the the chain (Left/Right).


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Yeah, a little long since we last heard anything. Glad you asked!

Evan 0 points

Yeah, would appreciate an update.

Even just reverting that new "remove waypoint circling" feature so I can use the ATC Helper script would be great for now. :)

theredbaron 0 points

Not to pile on here but I haven't played the game at all since the ATC Helper script went inop. I miss it!

Evan 0 points

Same... I see the hold command is now implemented, but since it's a new key (H), ATC Helper script is still busted.

Ah well. Really wish it just reverted back to the default hold at a waypoint until 2.0 chain commands are implemented without the need for the script. :(

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I'm back. It's coming. Hang on! :-)

Sorry for the wait.

Evan 0 points

No worries - thanks for the update! :)

av8nut 0 points

Great! Thanks.

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Here's a temporary fix!

In the helper script, change line 397 from:

if((unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][7] == 0) && (fnMyDistance(ID, unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][12]) < 15))


if((unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][7] == 0) && unsafeWindow.G_objPlanes[ID][11] === null)

It was broken because now, when a plane crosses a fix, the 'cleared to' fix is set to NULL. Jay's code does this more than 15 units of distance away from a fix, so the Helper script never gets a chance to catch it and send the plane on it's way to the next fix in the route. This code change looks for planes that have a route and have recently passed a fix and have had their 'cleared to' fix set to NULL. :)