Bug fixed where aircraft would circle waypoints and navaids after passing them (ATC-SIM)

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Hello! I've just played a little bit to try the new update, but I didn't like it. I thought it was on purpose that aircraft would circle waypoints after passing them. I also used that as "holdings" to sequence traffic. Without this, it's going to be very difficult to sequence traffic in busy airspaces. I prefer the old style, what do other users think? Is there going to be a new command to make aircraft hold at an specific waypoint/navaid? Thank you!

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jlink 1 point

Ok, I can go ahead and work on a hold command, but many people didn't like the circling behavior and I don't want to reintroduce it.

Jeez, so it really was a "feature"? Sorry for the trouble!

Murillo Coutinho 0 points

No problem! And yes, it was a very usefull feature! :-) I guess the hold command is the best solution for everybody. I've been thinking about how can this hold command work. My sugestion is something like FlightID HL (for hold turning left) and FlightID HR (for hold turning right). If you use just this command, the aircraft will hold at the current position, and will stay holding until you give any further instructions, like FlightID C ABCDE or FlightID C 130. We could send the aircraft to hold at a specific waypoint/navaid with this command: FlightID HL/HR ABCDE (or FlightID C ABCDE HL/HR). The aircraft will fly to ABCDE and hold there until any further instructions too. Is it possible to make a real holding, instead of just circling the fix? I mean... If you use the FlightID HL command the aircraft will turn left 180 degrees, fly this reciprocal heading for some seconds (we don't need to respect 1 minute here) and then turn left another 180 degrees, returning to the original inbound leg heading. Hope I could help! Thank you!

jlrwi 0 points

If we want full realism (according to FAA ATC regs), the hold command should have an optional "leg length." (It also says the default turning direction is to the right.) Thus, holds need four pieces of data:

  1. Fix
  2. Heading
  3. Leg length
  4. Turn direction

BLUNOSE 0 points

One side effect of this being fixed is that departing flights would sometimes circle the waypoint once or twice before exiting. Now that the bug is fixed the flight passes through the waypoint and blows it off, continuing on a straight line heading. It then needs another command to remind it of the waypoint it was directed to, otherwise it'll fly right off the map.

av8nut 0 points

I know what you mean. It kind of helps when you're doing a busy airport on "arrivals only". Awhile back, I did the video below showing London; pretty crazy.


Murillo Coutinho 0 points

Nice video! =D

looptex 0 points

same. thought original function was for arr acft to proceed to assigned fix and, barring further clc, enter holding. i used it a good bit when "turning the airport around" ie change of winds/landing direction

VP 0 points

Agreed. I use the hold function a lot. It may be that I'm near LHR where, at busy times, every incoming flight has to do at least one circle of one of the holding points so, to me, it's a normal part of airport arrivals. I expect those in other parts of the world where holding is only used when there's a problem with a runway or something think it's a bit odd.

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jlink 0 points

Holds are back!

FlightID H ABC123

Let me know if you have any trouble!

(If you use "H" on the ground, it will still interpret this as "line up and wait.)

Note that it just replicates the old behavior at the moment, and does not yet allow "north" and "south", etc., and will not perfectly resemble a racetrack.