Reponse delays (ATC-SIM)

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Dunno if this request has already surfaced before, but here it goes. Basically it's unrealistic that the second you enter an instruction the aircraft responds. In real life pilots always give a readback and have to fidget with the controls to get the machine turning, and an ATCO has to take this into account. Also, rates of climb/descend & approach speeds tend to differ for the different types of a/c . I know the 140kts/160kts difference is already implemented, but it still seems like such an easy and negligable way to distinguish between wide & narrow bodies.

So my request: perhaps a "difficult" setting, where rates may differ according to type of a/c (& even within a certain type according to scaled intervals), and a/c responses are set to a timed delay of a couple of seconds?

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And just to be clear: not talking about a small 2-3 sec delay, but more in terms of 5 to 10 sec and more delay between entering command and execution by a/c