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For airports like ATL where you have parallel runways, or really anywhere you want to have aircraft landing on certain runways, it's a pain in the neck to give them headings and have to continue to correct them on.

Here is my idea to make it easier: on the image here you can see ATL and the vectors near it. Since the simulator will spawn aircraft at various points it is easy to get overwhelmed. If we could send all aircraft to a vector to land at a particular runway that would make thing easier. Let's say at ATL the winds are blowing west (270) and I want all a/c that spawn south of the airport to land on 27L or 28. Here's what I would like to be able to do:

DL123 C HEDEG KINKY, C 270, L 27L Meaning.. Delta 123 clear to HEDEG, then clear to KINKY, then turn to heading 270, then clear to land runway 27L

If I just do DL123 C HEDEG the plane will circle around HEDEG until I give it further commands.

I really hope this can be implemented!

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av8nut 1 point

Ideally, that would be great, and if there were no other aircraft around, that would work just fine. However, with busy airports, especially ATL, a lot of factors come into play with the need for incremental clearances:

  1. Realism - It's more realistic to give incremental clearances. Approach controllers will typically give you a runway to expect, and most of the time that's what you land on. But, when getting closer to the airport, spacings get tightened, and sometimes you may have to give them another runway.
  2. With ATC-SIM, you don't have the benefit of looking farther into the distance to see anticipated arrival aircraft approaching your radar. Thus, while you may want to clear a aircraft that's still 40 miles out to a certain runway, something may come on to your screen 20 miles out unexpectedly, that forces you to change your approach. It is a good idea to develop general "STAR" paths, that can even be modeled after realistic approach plates. But even then, they will only take you to a certain fix and from there, it's all vectors from ATC to final.

What I think should be implemented, is the option to see farther out of the radar screen or at least a warning message alerting you to anticipated aircraft approaching your sector at a certain point.

Fox 1 point

Hi, I take the opportunity to copy and paste my previous idea also in here. I think our thoughts are basicly the same. So here is my text:

Hello, I want to introduce also new ideas. Also in real life atc the controler gives an a/c the clearance to a point, let's say VOR DPK at New York. But due to high traffic I want to let the pilots fly first via "Zachs". Now my idea/question:

Is it possible to create a command that makes it possible to let a a/c navigate to several points, add the speed and t/o clearance? For example:

FlightID C "DPK" via (v) "Zachs" "Shipp" C 15 S 250 T

and for in-flight command:

FlightID C 3 X S 180 C "Rosly"

Thus I don't have to click 3 times on the same flight ID. It saves time and is also more realistic in my opinion.

Thank you for reading.

av8nut 1 point

Fox - I agree with the idea of stringed command for SIDs of departures, with regard to giving multiple points when the given departure fix on the sim doesn't work well with a direct departure route. But for arrivals, I think it's just impractical and wouldn't be implemented as much as you'd think.

Aviatorkyle 1 point

@av8nut Yes this would be very practical, how do you think STARs work? (Standard terminal arrivals, in case you weren't aware) All with altitude and speed restrictions, and with other aircraft in the area, imagine that? You can issue commands similar to a STAR and when other aircraft pop up, sequence them in like actual controllers do.. Not that difficult and would make the game a lot more realistic and fun

av8nut 0 points

Hey buddy, in case YOU weren't aware, the sim is already set up so that the planes that come in on the screen are already at their predictable entry points, their STAR arrival route end points. If you ever looked at one, you'll notice that they do not give you vectors and altitudes to any specific runway, just to a particular VOR or point about 50 miles or so away. From there, it's up to the controller to vector them in to the active runway. Depending on the traffic volume, the vectors from the arrival fix can vary greatly. Just watch flightradar24.com and listen to liveatc.net some time.

Aviatorkyle 1 point

Hey buddy, if YOU just watch flightradar24.com and listen to liveatc.net you might hear and see me sometime. PHX based if you were wondering

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