What causes "cleared to intercept runway" instead of "cleared to land"? (ATC-SIM)

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Sometimes when I do L I get back "cleared to land" and the aircraft intercepts the runway extended centerline and lands. But sometimes I get back "cleared to intercept runway" and either the aircraft intercepts the runway extended centerline but overflies the airport and continues on, or doesn't even seem to intercept the runway extended centerline. All of these things happen when I am at or below 3000' and within 60 degrees of the runway heading, so it seems like I should always be getting "cleared to land." Does anyone know what causes "cleared to intercept runway"? I did not find anything relevant in the instructions. Thanks!

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you have to be at 3,000 feet farther out, as the aircraft couldn't descend in time!

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"Cleared to intercept" means the plane is not within the cone or triangle shaped area outside the approach end of the runway that it needs to be in to issue a landing clearance. However, the plane in question will keep moving forward until it does enter that area.

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Sorry, the command in the first sentence got eaten--instead of L it should say ID L runway