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Post here sugestions for the next update

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av8nut 2 points

  • Altitude restrictions.
  • Emergency arrivals.
  • Restricted airspace.
  • Random non-arrival VFR aircraft.
  • Different colors for ARR./DEP.
  • Specify departure runways.

Guy 1 point

Making your own airport

mmanchester68 1 point

Change coding so 2 aircraft can't enter airspace close enough to cause a violation.

Guy 1 point

-Weather -Free JFK airport -Controlable arrival/departure rate

Guy 0 points

-Score system

Guy 0 points

-Airpots have "3D" terrain If you have a mountain off 3000ft near the airport, if planes go bellow 3000ft on that zone they crash.

bhxboy -1 points

updated traffic at certain airports...eg Birmingham, Dublin, Manchester