Amsterdam - EHAM Correct (ATC-SIM)

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Hi Jay,

Can you please provide a correct and sensible set up of Amsterdam? The fixes on the map don't reflect the reality.

You can find the charts on http://www.ais-netherlands.nl/aim/2015-08-06-AIRAC/eAIP/html/index-en-GB.html

thank you!

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Amsterdam update is in progress ... Hooray!

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Danke für Ihre Freundlichkeit, diese wertvollen Informationen zu teilen. Ich wollte immer die Antworten wissen und ich bin auch an multiwheel roulette kostenlos informationen interessiert, also suche ich nach sowas.

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I think the overlay is at a slightly different scale, as was announced during its introduction. Are there any plans for a traffic update at EHAM?