Impact of new features on high scores (ATC-SIM)

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If any new features are added to ATC-SIM, most would have some impact on the difficulty of the game and thus on game scores. For example, if chained commands, extended runway centerlines, and control of departure runways are all implemented, it will be easier to manage traffic and thus scores ought to rise. I think this might be an issue to consider as it would ultimately impact the high scores displayed on the website.

Having thought about this a little bit, I can think of several options for responding to new features:

*Do nothing and let the scores rise or fall as they may.

*Freeze a copy of the current high scores on a separate web page as the "original version" high scores and let the new scores gradually overtake them on the "live" scoring page.

*Have two versions of the game - a version pretty much like the current game that is the only one that counts for high scores, and an "advanced" version with the new features that doesn't count on the scoreboard.

*Try to maintain game difficulty by offsetting new features that make the game easier (like chained commands) with those that make it more challenging (like having adverse winds force go-arounds) or by adjusting the traffic flow.

*Try to equalize the high score formula - make the scoring more or less difficult to offset new features. (This would require the scoring formula to be more complex.)

I would guess that any new features would come out over time rather than all at once, so this might become an ongoing issue. Also, some of these would require more work from Jay to implement. Can anyone suggest other options? Any preferences?

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Emik73 1 point

My opinion: let the game grow up with new features that influence the score, otherwise they'd be less captivating; more realism=more challenge=more points. May have 2 high score: classic (like now) for intermediate players, and advanced (wind change, emergencies, random missed approach). One more: what about having the score somewhere in the game screen?

av8nut 1 point

As far as the high scores go, I say leave it as is, even though some of us may not have the time and circumstances that we would like to devote to a current sim session like some people. If you were able to add more potential situations (wind changes, emergencies, pilot-initiated missed approaches, VIP, aircraft frequency, restricted airspace), you could set a multiplier for each, and thus, could get a higher score in a shorter amount of time than if you didn't have those options applied to the sim session.

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PS got the stats :)