What is your preferred browser environment: desktop, tablet, or mobile? (ATC-SIM)

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mddp 2 points


My preferred browser for atc-sim is desktop.


rsecolin 1 point

Hi, my preferred browser is desktop too. Best regards

TimO 1 point

Most often, desktop. But increasingly also iPad.

FlorisV 1 point

Tablet format would work the best for me.

PFV 1 point

Hi - My preferred browser is Chrome on a Windows desktop.

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mr_handy 1 point

Always desktop for me (windows); however that's probably because I've never been able to get it to work correctly on a tablet? (iPad) Tablet version/app would be great if possible?

iigl 1 point

Hi. My preferred browser is Edge ondesktop. Regards

Peter Kinable 1 point

Hi, desktop or laptop, Safari browser on an Mac.

evergreen1965 1 point

I use a tablet and mobile browser for many things. However, for ATC-Sim, a larger display and the full functionality of a keyboard is something I have a difficult time imagining doing without. So, desktop is my vote.

lumptom 1 point

Hi, for me definitely desktop, I tried tablet (10 inch), but without keyboard I am not able to control situation quick enough and comfortably, and less space is obviously available arround airport, which means less time to solve "thick situations" if happened :) Regards

sundropcoke 1 point

I currently prefer desktop but would love a more useable ipad version

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sirraj 1 point

I really enjoy your SIM and I only use it on the desktop.


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hstutes 1 point

I use desktop. Keep up the good work!

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boucac 1 point

Hi, I only use atc-sim on a desktop. Best regards, Phil

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gsaf 1 point

Desktop /laptop. Win8.1 and IE metro.

LuisN5 1 point

MY preferred browser environment is desktop (win10).

korzakov 1 point

For me desktop/laptop, the full keyboard and mouse combination being the most important consideration.

eabc1 1 point

Hi ! I use a laptop computer with the Google Chrome browser

zaphoon 1 point

Desktop (Chrome) first, by far. Mobile (Android) is second.

owen 1 point

For ATC-SIM I usually use it on a desktop.

porterjet 1 point

Sounds like I am with the majority. I prefer desktop because of the size. Windows or Linux and firefox right now. I do have an ipad mini but I can't imagine using it for atc-sim.

hanscath 1 point

For ATC-SIM it's definitely the Mac, but when I play App Control I like to play on the iPad (mini). I haven't paid for that app yet, like I did for ATC-SIM, but it would be great to see ATC-SIM evolve onto the iPad. I prefer less typing.

aftdisp 1 point

My preferred browser for atc-sim is desktop.

DTFC1907 1 point

I play on the laptop most of the time, though would like to use the tablet more (I currently find the latter difficult to play ATC on, especially as the keyboard hides too much of the screen).

kilobyte 1 point

Mostly desktop. Sometimes tablet (though the experience gets in the way). Never mobile.

jlrwi 1 point

I use a laptop with Firefox and I zoom out the window to get the biggest map possible.

blaircl 1 point

Have always played on desktop--what the sim was really designed for! But I'm not sure, I might end up playing either a tablet or mobile version more IF it were well designed. That said, I think the desktop is still the core experience.

robbiow 1 point

Definitely desktop for me - cheers.

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pianpian 1 point

Hi. My preferred browser for atc-sim is desktop. Regards.

Kart00 1 point

Mine is desktop too.

bilbod81 1 point

Desktop then Laptop

supine 1 point

Desktop. Chrome on both Linux and Mac.

teamfour 1 point

I use desktop only. Cheers.

Glenn Deprins 1 point

Great game played on desktop. Thanks a lot.

thardball 1 point

desktop but thinking about seeing how my Samsung tabletworks

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doofus 1 point

Chrome, on Linux (Debian 8) and Windows (7 & 10).

Tomcat 1 point

Hi, I always use a desktop browser for atc-sim Best Regards

Tomcat 1 point

Hi, I always use a desktop browser for atc-sim Best Regards

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d.brambrink 1 point

Currently laptop.

will9372 1 point

Usually Desktop. I have been using my Kindle lately, but it only works good on Departures Only, landing a lot of planes is too hard.

DutchJackal 0 points


Desktop for me! On Android we already have Endless ATC doing a good job!


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