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Hi all, my first day in the tower. However can I ask, i have had it on my browser open all day working at EGLL Heathrow, I have landed over 100 planes and departures. Yet my name is not anywhere to be seen on the Heathrow scores why is this? Settings were NORMAL.

Many thanks

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jlink 1 point

High Scores

When you are finished with the simulation, type QUIT or EXIT and your statistics will be entered into the high score table.

** This feature is available to registered users only.

Old Forum 1 point

Thanks for that, i was playing for 7 hours straight yesterday for nothing then!!! bugger. So where do i type QUIT or EXIT?

Many thanks

Evan 1 point

Same place you type any other command ;]

Alex Thomas 1 point

You should type QUIT or EXIT into the same box where you type your ATC commands.

Also, you may not qualify for the high score board regardless of landings and handoffs if you have too many violations, missed approaches, or improper exits.