There needs to be a hard level with more arrivals and departures because the normal level is abit boring at times. (ATC-SIM)

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Alex Thomas 1 point

I would suggest trying an airport with more traffic (ATL, BOS, DFW, ORD) or changing the wind to make it more difficult to route aircraft.

lumptom 1 point

Maybe the way should be add simulation speed change. My imagine is three additional buttons under Pause and Resume with lables [1x] or [Normal], [2x] and [4x], which should speed up simulation in ratio 2x and 4x (and back to normal speed. This should help to short long boring travel intervals for far arrival or exit planes and boring is out :) What do you mean?


flyers847 1 point

I always thought it would be nice if you could make it where you could combine airports similar to a real tracon. For ex. combine airports such as DFW and DAL, ORD and MDW, or if you're really looking for some more, add JFK, EWR, LGA, and TEB for a challenge! It would really add to the complexity but I'm sure that would take a lot of work to combine airports, if at all possible.

DerekTP 0 points

I've developed a demo of some enhancements to the game. I am not the game author and it's entirely up to him whether any / all of these eventually get incorporated. However one of my enhancements is the addition of a "clock rate" dropdown to speed up the simulation by 1.5, 2, 3 or 4 times. This speeds everything up, including rate of new flights being added etc. This might liven things up for those quiet periods! See my playable demo at http://derektp.co.uk/atc and do give me feedback on the thread I created in this forum. Cheers, Derek TP