Having troubles. (ATC-SIM)

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I have been a member for a long time love the site and all the changes and upgrades. Thanks Jay! However I went to vote and have been having difficulty. I also can not post comments on blogs. I have typed numerous but they never appear. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Alex Thomas 1 point

Hello Joseph,

As the creator of the polling site, I want to make sure that everyone is able to submit their ideas. The voting interface is wired into a separate system (PollDaddy), so their servers may be down. I would suggest trying again at some other time or try to find a stronger internet connection to cast your vote.

And the forums. When I first started posting, it took days (if not weeks) for my comments to appear. However, since I am seeing your message now, you should be able to post just fine now.

Hope this helps.


coconut joe 1 point

Thank you buddy for your assistance. It worked now.