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Hi Jay;

At night LAX goes into a noise abatement plan where, wind and weather permitting, aircraft land on 6R and depart on 25R. How about a "night mode" here? When selected a short on screen differences note would indicate "opposite direction" ATC restrictions are in effect such as no departures until aircraft on final have either landed or are still outside 5 miles until the departure has started a left turn to 210 degrees. Give us a few seconds to read the note then the game starts. Just to make it more realistic an onscreen "clock" off in one corner counts down to 0630 when normal operations resume. Simplified routes for this game: Landing west arrivals are from RZS or DINTY to VTU to SADDE to SMO, FIM to SADDE to SMO, CIVET, OCN to SLI and SXC to SLI. Landing east: EXERT, VTU to SADDE, FIM to SADDE, CIVET to SMO, SLI to SMO and SXC to EXERT. Departure fixes are VTU, DINTY, SXC, SLI to DAG, SLI to COSER, PEVEE to HOLTZ to TRM (west only) POM (east only) Day only departures exist that route to GMN and LAX to DAG (west only), Additionally there is a non-jet arrival from LHS to DARTS. The cleared route should be included in the strip. Departures would all be radar vector to any of the points on the strip where the aircraft would then fly the remainder of the strip as cleared. Arrivals would fly the strip until the last point or whenever we start vectors. We controllers would need to be on the ball, for instance an aircraft arriving with a strip that reads SCX EXERT but is not going to land until after 0630 would have to be cleared direct SLI and given vectors to land west. (Assuming west operations) I realize this would be a step towards the multi point ATC input that has been previously requested. This could be a good test bed for that command.

Jets should arrive above 10,000 feet, on a profile decent with their "cleared to" altitude in the strip (6-7-8000?), and have a higher than previously programmed rate of decent. When given the L clearance aircraft remain at their last assigned speed until 6 miles from touchdown then reduce to final approach speed (this may result in a missed approach if we are not careful!!!).

When in night mode we get violations for clearing a descending airplane below 3000 feet while over land, landing an airplane on any runway except 6R or landing an airplane west before 0630 (touchdown time).

One last request, can you PLEASE realign from true to magnetic north? The runways at LAX are 069/249 degrees not 048/268. This anomaly exists at several other airports that were originally built around the same time.

Thanks, John

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