A couple suggestions (ATC-SIM)

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A couple of things I've come up with that might make the game better: 1) For general aviation aircraft in the US (anything that starts with N-), when talking to ATC, you usually omit the "n". Also, if the airspace isn't too busy, controllers usually only use the last three characters of the registration, so "N172SP" becomes "2SP". It would be a bit more authentic. 2) Better indication of whether or not the sim is paused. My laptop sometimes decides not to click when I click. Not your problem, but I've had a couple of instances where I click the pause button, and it doesn't, but I don't notice, then come back 10 minutes later to a screen full of violations. Just a modal panel on top of the sim screen, or an indication in the last order confirmation box or something would be fine.



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