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I love the sim and thanks for the recent updates Jay, but i do have a few complaints, mostly about departure runways. Some of the airports, like Phoenix and LAX have departures occurring on wrong runways. When running both departures and arrivals into LAX especially it is very annoying because all 4 runways are being used for departures where as in real life, the 2 inner runways are used for departures and the 2 outer runways used for arrivals. Maybe if you can go back and update the runways at some airports, that would be awesome! The flow would greatly improve and the frustration would diminish greatly

And maybe as a thought for the future we can select the runway for departures, either as the departure strip appears, or before the game even starts. For example, we will stick with LAX, a departure strip pops up and it has all the same information as it does now, just without the runway assignment. So the first thing you do is give it a runway: SWA345 r 24L, then proceed with the assigning altitude and such. For the before the game option, maybe a box appears or something and asks us which runways we would like to use for departure. We would then put in what ever runways we want to be for departures. Just a thought for the future and any updates now for these runway issues would be great! Thank you very much!

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av8nut 1 point

I like the idea of assigning runways and agree it would be more realistic to control which runway to depart, as we have that control for landing. I think it would be difficult, however, to assign that option before starting the simulation, as the wind direction is not assigned at that point.

tpared 1 point

Or some of us have the wind direction change during the game, therefore a fixed departure runway that may be fixed, may not be the proper wind heading!

jlink 1 point

These all sound good. I have changed LAX to be like you described, and also as is found here: