Great study tips, for those who feel they do not study properly? (ATC-SIM)

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My answer is very simple but highly useful; this is something I used to do myself when I used to feel low. Though I am a motivational speaker myself, still even I have times when I feel low and deprived of idea. And therefore, I can know your situation too, since I have been through it and many students do feel the same. Why does this happen? So why does this turn out? Only when we study or maximum times when we learn? For one easy reason, when we learn we usually go into a case, our life changes, relations are low, social networking quotient is done and friends are little away or usually not in mood of fun. Simply because, we cannot call our friends and say "Chalo, let's play Cricket today" All you got to hear will be abuses of all types! In all, our fun quotient is down. I am not saying all the above thing is wrong, it is indeed optional to do as written above, but a little things have to be done another way which I am listing under, plus there is one mega solution, to all these which is written in the bottom of the answer! How do deal with this situation? Some simple Home Remedies! (a) Have a habit and follow it - Keep your routine fix and follow the same regularly. Learn regularly and in a healthy way. This is because over-burden of learning is going to stress out you. (b) Time for Hobbies - Your schedule should include a picky time of the day when you are totally retarded or you feel you cannot concentrate anymore, this time is your hobby time. List out your hobbies - The day when you plan your learning, alongside also plan your hobbies! Oh yes, make a file of hobbies/ activities/ exciting things that you like to do. Now each day at your fixed time, you would open this list, pick an action, and just enjoy it! This ensures your hobbies also get better and grow, and you have a good time. @ https://essayservices.org/essaywritting.aspx

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