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When I mentioned the sports meeting, I was extremely excited. It reminded me of the fifth-grade sports meeting, which is unforgettable.that day, I was excited to come to the school and was excited to wait for the beginning of the spring games..p..." As the whistle sounded crisply, the first classmate quickly rushed out of the starting line. Suddenly, the classmate stopped and picked up a sandbag and threw it out Cigarette Online, ah! Didn't hit, eh? bingo! I saw him turn and ran back, replaced another classmate to continue the game... Fun, this is throwing sandbags., I will tell you about the relay race Marlboro Red 100S. I also participated in the competition of this project. My position is in the middle of the team. Li Mingyi is in front and Li Yining is behind. Before the game started, I secretly said to myself in my heart: "Be sure to cheer!"rt! With the referee's order, the first classmate rushed out of the starting line Marlboro Gold, and then transferred back to the starting point in the handlebar to pass to the next classmate Newport Cigarettes Price, but in the process of their handover, a little small The accident, the baton fell to the ground. When he picked it up and continued the game, he had already fallen far away from other players. Under the loud screams and encouragement of the classmates, the result was not too bad. The students behind were very good, and they lost all their time. Grab it back... In the end we still got good results Newport Cigarettes Coupons.ther project is the long jump. The students who participated in the competition are standing near the starting point. When they are eager to try, each player has three chances. The best one is the final result. Everyone plays very well.e time has passed quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, it has already reached 5 o'clock, and the sports meeting is almost over. Now we are almost graduating. Leaving this school that has been with us for 6 years, I really miss every year's games, miss the honors that we have gained through our efforts at every sports meeting, and miss the thrill of the game. But now, it is almost gone. As time goes by, we are about to leave this campus that allows us to learn and grow happily

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