Tower!3D Pro - Real Traffic/Real Color - LAX/PHL modeled planes (ATC-SIM)

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Does someone have a list of the modeled aircraft & the associated airline using Real Color for LAX & PHL? I have Real Traffic and Real Color (latest versions) installed and I am running Tower!3D Pro. I would like to get a list of all of the airlines and aircraft that are modeled with proper airline colors. For example, at PHL I checked on the modeled aircraft for Air Canada (AC). I created a custom schedule for all aircraft that Air Canada flys. I found that only 3 planes (77L, 331 & 330) are modeled with proper colors for PHL. All other planes that AC has in the fleet show up as white planes. I have checked other web sites and nobody seems to have this list. Can anyone provide this information to me? I would assume that Nyerges Design would have a list but I have never found one.



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