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Just a preface.... in no way am I an expert on this site, but I have been around for awhile and noticed one thing in regards to scores. Obviously people will keep their simulators up for as long as possible in order to get the high scores. (duh) I noticed that after a couple of hours the site logs you out, even if you still have the simulator screen up. This happens because I am pretty sure that when you start a game, there is a script or program that is run (or whatever the computer term is) because you can continue to play the game after the site logs you out and you can even start the game with a wi-fi connection, and then continue it off wi-fi so it does not need a constant internet connection. So...... if the site logs you out, and then you try and to submit a score, there is no connection from the running program to the site, it can't send the score and the simulator has no way to save it, so you are just out of luck, even when you type EXIT. My suggestion is that if you have had the game open for more than 3 hours, when you are ready to exit, before just quickly typing in "exit", open a new tab in your browser, and go back to the ATC-SIM website. Check that you are still logged in, if you are, great, if not, log back into your account, and then try and submit your score, as far as I know it should work. I haven't troubleshooted the problem too much, but it happened to me, and I figured out, at least for me, that works every time. Hopefully this helps in some way, if not, I'm sorry, and I would be happy to try and help, but like I said, I do not really now too much about the site, and know 0 about how the game is actually coded, so this just comes from my experiences. If this is unclear because I know its really long, let me know and I will try to clarify.

Happy Simulating!

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Hey, truly appreciate your lengthy response! Thank you :-)

Two things in response; one, I had realized from very early on that the site tends to log you out shortly after logging in, and so I had already implemented the technique you mentioned of opening a seperate tab, logging in, etc. Two, what I DID NOT know was that I have to type 'Exit' during simulator gameplay in order to correctly exit and save my score. Every time I could continue no longer, I would just close the tab. Maybe that is why my scores were not submitting at all?

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Oh yep that would do it. Make sure that when you are done type "EXIT" or "QUIT" into the command bar and as long as you are logged in, a screen will pop up with all of your aircraft movements, and after that then you should be able to close the tab or go back to the "High Scores" screen and see your scores. If you don't type those commands, your score will NOT be saved :(, so just remember the "EXIT" command and you should be good.