Landing Bug in ISTANBUL (LTBA) (ATC-SIM)

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Two airplanes landing same time on different runways.One of them 18R(36L),the other 36R(18L).The simulator says CRASH!. This is not impossible. Could you fix it,please?


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sutreus 1 point

@ Hotshot. What about no wind or crosswind and rwy 06/24 n/a? In ATC "NEVER" or "IMPOSSIBLE" are no options.

umit1 0 points

Could you fix it,please?

Hotshot 0 points

You really play that way? Have you ever heard, that aircraft land and take-off AGAINST the wind? So either 18 is the runway direction or 36, but NEVER both! Try it that way, perhaps it helps...

umit1 0 points

Forget the wind for a little while, please. Think it like we never used a simulator, please. Suppose I'm a tester. Let's say there is no wind. The aircraft can either descend or lift in two separate runways. The runways are different and in reality there is enough distance between them. As a result, in this simulation two different runways descending or departing the plane should not damage each other. This is the situation that needs to be corrected ... Please do your best to correct this inconvenient situation.