A Point Bug or Art (ATC-SIM)

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Can you see I have directed the planes to form the letters ATC. You may ask your self how did he get 35+ planes to line up in perfect order (almost perfect, well no where close) all at or near 8000 feet? I have found a bug that make the plane stop when you type "point" something. so I was typing PlaneId "ABC123 C 0.5" or "DEF456 C 1.5" and as it turns to that heading it stops moving. It will still pretend to climb and descend, speed up and slow down and even turn to a new heading, but it will not move. I have told a plane to hold at X and it will do circles. you can't land it, or even send it away. The other issue though is that once that plane "freezes" then another plane comes enters the area. So in making this I had to have additional planes holding and circling. it got busy. In fact I had 31 planes I sent away (improper hand offs) in order to clear the screen and had to do that all at once other wise more would be coming. during this I had 0 second of violations, 0 hand-offs, 0 landings and 0 missed approaches.

so please do not clear your planes to a heading of something point something. Or if you do show off your hours of wasted time before they fix that bug. This was Seattle or SEA or SeaTac. but I did this on other airports as well.


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Wow! Great catch and pretty cool pic. Will have a look. Thanks!