Violations in Seconds (ATC-SIM)

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What is considered a violation in seconds? What can I do to avoid violations? There are points where I have 10,000 violations in seconds. I need help. I don't like that number...

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Violations occur when any two planes (or more :( ) are not maintaining separation, vertical/horizontal, and account for each aircraft in violation, you need to anticipate where aircraft are going to avoid future conflicts and thereby avoid violations

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The BIGGEST problem STILL is two aircraft entering the edge of the relevant 'TMA' in close proximity, AT THE SAME HEIGHT ( though rarely on the same heading ).... By the time you see them, there is almost never enough time to take avoiding action ( ie. vector them away from each other, or climb/descend one of them ) before a conflict is highlighted and you are in violation, through absolutely NO fault of your own :-( - I always have to 'blame' the previous sector controller during the subsequent 'near miss enquiry'.... :-) If they were so close in reality, they would always be at a different flight level ! Clearly, it's just a issue with the programming ; surely when a new 'return' is generated at the edge of the TMA/screen, there should be a 'wait' of maybe 20 to 30 seconds, somehow, BEFORE another can be generated at the same height, in the same section of airspace ( It's fine if they are elsewhere in the TMA ) ! I've just suffered from a violation like this whilst running EGLL/LHR after 309 successful landings and 333 departures....! Another game ruined :-(

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YES, I agree. That is still a big problem in the game, which I hope they fix one day. I gave up playing LAX because it was so bad.