Ideas for 2.0 (ATC-SIM)

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I have been thinking some ideas for the upcoming version,,

(1) Standardised racetrack Holding Pattern Although planes are able to hold at vector, however they seem holding in a random and messy way. Plane just flew any headings they could as long as they flew back to the given vector. I found it is extremely hard to organise as different plane has different holding pattern, particular when i am playing under an intended pressure test on a busy airport (ie. simulation of runway temporary unavailable due to weather / accident etc), 3 or 4 planes hold in the same vector have unique patterns at the same time. It makes the situation out of control, chaotic and unpredictable. I am wondering is it possible to set up a racetrack pattern on a holding fix such that all holding aircraft follow ONE holding pattern in each vector?

(2) Challenger mode - Prepare for the unexpected Emergency aircraft with engine fire request for prioritized landing? Runway unavailable due to accident? Aircraft go-around due to unexpected crosswind and missed approach? Unidentified aerodrome incursion? These might be a fun to add some unexpected situation to mess things a little bit - thats why atc is stressful!

(3)Approach Speed Setting Currently when i command "BA123 L 9L S 180", aircrafts will ignore the speed command and automatically establish a minimum approach speed to join the runway localizer until a complete land. Is there any intention for this setting? I found it is annoying while handling large amount of traffic as the landing command and speed command need to be given separately. And more importantly, if u forget to separate the commands, planes with different approach speed could chase and crash easily!

(4) Flight Data Display Overlapping When aircraft sticking against each other in different FL, their flight data display is overlapping and completely unreadable. Could we manually or automatically move them away?

(5) Ground Control???

(6) Temporary Flight Restrictions / Flight Restricted Zones?

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I put my suggestion also below this idea:

I can't find the thread with chain commands again. Is it possible to make a command with more than one waypoint? E.g. Amsterdam LH432 C 5 C LLS C 4 C LUNIX C 3 C ROVEN C RR C 2 ? Also w/out the flightlevel change would be a more realistic experience.



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