traffic limits (ATC-SIM)

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It seems like the easiest thing in the world. All I want is to say X arrivals over time and Y departures over time. No more. Maybe it's not realistic. But it is so simple. And would make getting 'muscle memory' so easy without feeling like I am failing.

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gehrc 0 points

I'm confused... what do you mean? As in - you just want to play until you hit a certain number of arrivals and departures? Or you want to limit the number of arrivals and departures on the radar screen at a time?

gdjsky01 0 points

Its so simple. Before I start, I simply want to say I will handle X arrivals over the next Y minutes. No more. Same with departures. I will handle 10 departures in the next 30 minutes. It gives me a fighting chance to get certain 'mental and muscle' memory. As it is, its always too many and I just quit.