Aircraft enter sector at same alt & Heading & Air Speed with about a 1 mile seperation (ATC-SIM)

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JFK Aircraft entering from the east enter sector at same Alt & Heading & Air Speed which causes an automatic violation/ 3hr down the drain. Has happened in every instance of controlling JFK traffic at different time intervals. Only happens on traffic entering from the east. Frustrating

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Well known and widely discussed problem still not fixed, you can find a lot of similar threads. Happens on many airports. The only workaround is use Hold command (prevents violation even if near aircrafts are on the same alt) immediately after aircraft enter your space, and then, once you are sure it is not followed by another flight on the same level, command aircraft to intended clearance.

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Same issue with SEA - just had three games in a row I had to reset because I immediately hit a violation with a few aircraft coming from SW (within the first few minutes of playing).

Would be nice if there was a ~10 second grace period before getting a violation on an aircraft that just hits your scope, at least until a better solution is in place.

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Potential fix is in place. Can you guys please see if it's any better now? Thanks!