Say goodbye to 14L/32R at O'Hare & 14R/32L changes to 15/33 in the Spring (Airports)

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I've found some interesting tidbits in a just-released re-evaluation of the Environmental Impact Statement for the O'Hare Modernization Project which you can find here: http://www.faa.gov/airports/airport_development/omp/eis_re_eval/

Here is the most interesting quote: "Runway 14L/32R will be closed in August, 2015, but is not scheduled for decomissioning until the Spring of 2016. At that time 14R/32L will be newly designated as Runway 15/33 until its closure in 2019."

So, 14L/32R is going to be gone as a usable runway in the next month! Another tidbit: new runway 9C/27C won't open until 2020, at which point 9R/27L will be closed until its extension is completed in 2021.

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Thanks for sharing. This marks the beginning of the end for another part of the original Douglas field. Of course, the old triangle layout doesn't make sense in today's world.

I once had a dream that all the runways were east-west. That was probably due to me seeing what is now 28R and two taxiways from the tollway, but it's interesting that it's coming true.

14L/32R always seemed like an accident waiting to happen to me, with the embankment down to the highway at the arrival end of 32R.

Once upon a time I lived in Arlington Heights and the two 14/32s brought air traffic nearly over my house. In those days, there was gooey black soot from the exhaust over everything, making windows hard to clean. As a young child, the "flanged" sound of jet engines fading in and out often put me into a trance.

I once went to Germany from 14L and Japan from 32R.

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You were pretty quick updating the SIM when 10C-28C opened up, can we expect the same when 10R-28L opens? Only changes I'd like to see: -Removal of 14L-32R
-In an east flow, departures go 10L and 9R only -Maybe clean up some of the less essential fixes (REKKS, ME, RIDGE, CHSTR, MX, HK) and add in the FAF for 9L, 10R, 10C, 28C (all are published)

Thanks as always, still love playing it!

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The NOTAM indicating the permanent closure of 14L/32R has just been issued.